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POKE, WHAT? Fishermen from Hawaii came up with this cuisine after seasoning the slices (‘poké’) of their captures as snacks.  Influenced by Asian gastronomy, these bowls of rice, raw fish, and vegetables, have become a concept of healthy, fast, affordable, and mainly, tasty, and they are conquering the whole world.

IN POKE SHOP, we offer you the most exquisite experience of the city. Rice is the basis of our products, and we are proud of selecting the best varieties of rice grown in Valencia. We believe and support local products, so we stock up on vegetables and other ingredients at the popular Mercat de Russafa, whereas our international suppliers deliver us the highest quality pieces of fish. That is how we create the most varied and tasty bowls.



Our Oasis

Take a break in Valencia downtown (calle Pérez Pujol, 10) in a modern and casual vibe. Discover our nutritious breakfasts, mix up your bowl ingredients for lunch and dinner, or finish your day in our afterwork sessions. We have a spacious terrace and a fantastic team, who turns Poké Shop into a unique experience.


More than Pokés

Enjoy our home-made fruit and vegetable smoothies, they are refreshing and nutritious at any time of the day; charge your batteries with our coffee and toast and try our snacks.



In Poké Shop we are a family of lovers of life and our planet, and that is why sustainability is one of our main goals. Every material is organic and recyclable: bowls made from sugarcane pulp, cutlery from corn biomass, wooden chopsticks…

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